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  U-Ka Saegusa in DB albums MP3
artist: U-Ka Saegusa in DB     RSS feed

Kumo Ni Notte
year: 2007
genre: jpop
tracks: 5

Ashita Wa Ashita No Kaze No Naka Yume No Naka
year: 2007
genre: jpop
tracks: 4

Everybody Jump
year: 2006
genre: jpop
tracks: 4

U-Ka Saegusa in DB III
year: 2006
genre: jpop
tracks: 14

Tobitatenai Watashi Ni Anata Ga Tsubasa Wo Kureta
year: 2005
genre: jpop
tracks: 5

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Melville's ruling Thursday allowing prosecutors to introduce a videotape of a July 2003 interview with authorities in which he first told them in regards to the alleged molestation.In response, the defense threatened to shove aside the last 60 days of testimony and bring back the people at the heart of this case: the accuser, his mother, his lawyer with his fantastic therapist, reports CBS News Correspondent Vince Gonzales.The judge said he was just admitting the tape in order that jurors could see the boy's demeanor, less than they could determine whether he was being truthful. Melville said that would limit the questions the defense could ask to those about the boys' spontaneity and behavior.Defense attorney Robert Sanger said the defense really wants to ask the boy about the timeline in which he made the allegations to exhibit that his declarations to police officers officers were not spontaneous.Sanger declared Stan J. 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And even more surprising that he's doing the work as that tyrannical bogeyman of the 1970s, Idi Amin, in "The Last King of Scotland."Whitaker approaches the Ugandan dictator how the finest actors to play Adolf Hitler have done, putting a frighteningly human face with a leader able to enchant the masses and media even as his brutal regime tortured and killed people.A youngster when Amin's eight-year reign ended in 1979, Whitaker initially was mindful of the man only as the despot depicted in news bulletins."It's probably one of the most challenging characters I ever played," Whitaker told The Showbuzz's Karina Mahtani. "I had to do a lot of research. I could to figure out how he felt about something more important."Adapted from Giles Foden's novel, the film spins an imaginary narrative about a young Scottish doctor (James McAvoy) seeking adventure in Uganda who catches Amin's eye and becomes his personal physician — and consequently trapped confidante — to the charming but ruthless ruler.Whitaker fell somewhat beneath the man's spell himself as he researched Amin, who died in exile in Saudi Arabia in 2003. Ugandans have curiously mixed feelings about Amin, abhorring he for his bloody methods while admiring his progressive efforts to develop schools and hospitals."I needed to pass through the propaganda maze — neglected, actually — and just go to the source," Whitaker told The Associated Press throughout an interview at the Toronto Film Festival. The actor researched the type through copious reading, studying video footage and talking with Ugandans about Amin."If we had arrived in Uganda, we would know him intimately," Whitaker said. "He might have killed someone we know or promoted someone we understand. So it's kind of easy. You get in a cab there, you're going to hear story after story."Whitaker had to recreate Amin's internal battles, and how his power was ultimately his downfall. "When you get power, (there's) the fear of losing it. I do think the fact (was) that he wasn't groomed to be politician — he was groomed to become soldier — and he ruled the country as a soldier. In the end he to fight the enemies in their mind. That created a large amount of atrocities in the country." no previous page next 1/2 [url=http://www.doudounemonclersoldessite.com/moncler-pas-cher-moncler-beanie-hats-classic-noir-p-220.html]doudoune moncler solde femme[/url] Five teenage boys were charged Monday with threatening to do a shooting spree at their high school on the anniversary of the Columbine bloodbath.The defendants, ages 16 to 18, were each faced with incitement to riot and making a criminal threat.A judge set bail at $50,000 for Charles New, 18, who was charged as an adult. Some juveniles were ordered held for a hearing May 3."These are serious allegations and so they scared me as I read them," Judge Robert Fleming said.The incitement charges carries to seven to 23 months in jail; the criminal threat charge is punishable by five to 17 months behind bars.The teenagers were arrested Thursday — the seventh anniversary in the Columbine High School massacre in Colorado— after a message regarding the alleged plot appeared on the Web site Myspace.com.Even as the numbers of such Columbine-style shootings increase, many parents are still not ready to believe that it may happen in their own school districts."The only thing that scares me higher than a kid with a gun is an adult who believes that it can't happen here," Ken Trump, a faculty security consultant, told CBS News correspondent Cynthia Bowers.The teens planned to utilize black trench coats and disable the school's camera system prior to starting the attack between noon and 1 p.m. Thursday, Cherokee County Sheriff Steve Norman said. Sheriff's deputies found guns, ammunition, knives and coded messages within the bedroom of one suspect and documents about firearms and references to Armageddon by 50 percent suspects' school lockers.Apparently, they had been plotting forever of the school year. Norman said school officials began investigating Tuesday after learning a threatening message had been posted on MySpace.com."The message, it was brief, but it stated that there was going to be a shooting at the Riverton school and that people should wear bulletproof vests and flak jackets," Norman said.The message also discussed the significance of April 20 as Adolf Hitler's birthday and the anniversary of the 1999 Columbine High school graduation attack in Colorado, in which two students wearing trench coats killed 13 people before destruction.School officials identified a student who posted the message and spoke with several of his friends, he said. no previous page next 1/2 [url=http://www.doudounemonclersoldessite.com/doudoune-moncler-zin-homme-noir-p-214.html]doudoun moncler femme[/url] It's actually a shocking reality for a huge number of older Americans, a trend CBS News first reported last year with the story of Helen Love. 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CBS News Reporter Elaine Cobbe says the newspaper quotes judicial sources who spoke provided that they not be named.The Echelon issue surfaced in February when a European Parliament report discussed the existence and activities of the network, whose members have Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.It said Echelon has surveillance-interception stations throughout the world that intercept "billions of messages each hour," including telephone calls, fax transmissions and private e-mails.The report by British investigative journalist Duncan Campbell was shown to the EU assembly. It urged the EU to do this against unwanted interception of communications, insisting this violated human rights and could be used for industrial espionage.The United States and Britain have offered reassurances that Echelon isn't involved in economic espionage.But some Europeans remain concerned that the network may be compromising businesses, and many European parliament members have asked for a deeper probe. On Wednesday, EU lawmakers are required to decide whether to create a temporary inquiry commission on Echelon, Le Figaro said.CBS Worldwide Inc. All Rights Reserved. These components may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. 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Not many former presidents would likely travel across the country on his or her 90th birthday just to spend some time with journalists who used to protect them, but that's exactly what Gerald Ford did a week ago, and it produced the scene at the Nationwide Press Club that was all too rare. Mister. Ford said great things about the journalists -- not many former presidents of nearly every age would do that -- along with the reporters said great things about him, and also this was not your common hallelujah chorus. It provided everyone from Joe Woodward, whose Watergate reporting brought down Richard Nixon, for the old Newsweek reporter Mary DeFrank, Time magazine's Hugh Sidey, the famous Helen Thomas and in many cases Phil Jones and that various other guy from Cbs television studios. Part of it, of course, is that Mr. Ford will be 90. But I consider there was more into it than that. You see, journalists always respected Mr. Ford because he in fact listened to their inquiries and tried to respond. He believed this individual owed that on the reporters because he considered the American people well deserved an explanation for his actions. That frame of mind is so out of manner now, it virtually seems quaint. These days PR advisers mentor their public officials to develop two or three speaking points and then recite them over and over as well as over no matter what the question, which works fine until the information turns bad, because current administration is discovering. It's getting to be a long time ago since people in politics acted like Gerry Frd, and the new era of public officers could learn a great deal from him, nevertheless my guess is they will not likely. By Bob Schieffer [url=http://www.goodbootssalestore.co.uk/black-leather-uggs-p-715.html]black leather uggs[/url] Three baggage handlers were stopped Wednesday by Northwest Airlines after they had been shown on television managing holiday packages like basketballs. "We ended up embarrassed and disturbed by their activities," said Northwest vice president Dirk McMahon.A Two Cities television station's tape showed three employees taking packages off a plane at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport on Wednesday and chucking these people into a large rubbish bin.One handler found a box on its way off the plane and also lobbed it to a co-worker who threw it higher and backward in the bin. One staff member took a mailbag as well as attempted a change two-handed overhead shot in which missed.The recording also showed bigger packages landing in addition to smaller boxes, most likely crushing them.The actual station showed the tape to Northwest and U.Ersus. Postal Service authorities, who called it a serious incident.Northwest officers said that normally a staff member goes inside a significant bin to pile the mail, a treadmill side of the rubbish bin is lowered. None was done, the mp3 showed.Northwest, similar to other airlines, carries millions of pounds associated with mail every year beneath contract to the Postal Service.Postal administrators called such snail mail handling unacceptable."We have got customers trusting all of us to take care of their snail mail and treat it together with security," mentioned Jim Ahlgren, customer associations coordinator for the Ontario post office.The station said its news crew came across the baggage handlers while preparing a report on de-icing planes. (C)The year 2000 The Associated Media. All Rights Set aside. This material may not be released, broadcast, rewritten, or shift [url=http://www.goodbootssalestore.co.uk/ugg-uk-store-p-905.html]ugg uk store[/url] A lawsuit was registered Monday by the class of a woman whose 5-year-old child called 911 to report his mother had collapsed and was told by the dispatcher that he shouldn't be using the phone.The family from the late Sherrill Turner is seeking damage in excess of $1 million from your City of Detroit.Attorney Geoffrey Fieger mentioned the city was not referred to as in the lawsuit simply because state law prohibits the idea, but that the city would be liable for its employees. The defendants in the suit are a couple of unnamed dispatchers, and the litigants are the estate regarding Sherrill Turner and Robert Turner, the boy who created the 911 calls.By the time authorities appeared following Robert's calls about Feb. 20, Sherrill Turner was dead.Fieger, best known with regard to representing assisted-suicide advocate Port Kevorkian, has said the 46-year-old Sherrill, that had an enlarged heart, would have survived if help have been sent immediately.Nevertheless, he said Monday that the time of death continued to be unclear.A message searching for comment on the court action was left Monday regarding city lawyer David Johnson.Detroit police are examining the 911 reaction, and Police Key Ella Bully-Cummings warned Friday not to rush to view."We teach our children facing an emergency to call pertaining to help and phone 911," Fieger stated at a news convention in Southfield. "But when kids call and ask for support they're ignored, they are dismissed and they're vulnerable." coverage. Scott, who turned 6 last month, sat alongside Fieger and played softly with a Spider-Man action number, the laces regarding his black footwear dangling untied under the meeting table.Robert's oldest cousin, Delaina Patterson, said the family is involved about Robert along with plans to put your ex in therapy."He would everything right, and that we believe he's quite the hero," she mentioned.Robert was on your own with his mother any time she collapsed in the bedroom. He referred to as 911 at A few:59 p.mirielle. and told the operator that his or her mother had passed out, but the operator asked to speak with an adult, Patterson stated. no previous page following 1/2 [url=http://www.goodbootssalestore.co.uk/uggs-jimmy-choo-boots-3042-black-silver-and-gold-grommet-studded-p-34.html]jimmy choo ugg boots[/url] An ocean ferry sank off West Cameras in a fierce gale, making 88 confirmed useless Friday and more than 670 other people believed trapped inside the capsized vessel.Thirty-two of the 796 crew members and travellers were known to have made it through, rescued by motorboats that had been in the area and responded to an alert.A fierce storm went under an ocean boat bound for Senegal, getting rid of 10 and leaving behind at least 730 of the 797 people and crew lacking, the prime minister's office mentioned Friday.Roughly 55 passengers and staff were rescued following your ferry, traveling through south to northern Senegal, capsized before midnight Thursday night, according to Prime Minister Mame Madior Boye's office.Authorities said a passing Italian vessel retrieved at least some of the survivors. Senegal declared three days of national feelings of loss at midday Friday as the search for subjects continued.The state-owned ferry, the Joola, was en route from Senegal's southern region of Casamance, bound for Dakar, the funding. It went down from the Atlantic Ocean off Gambia, a little former English colony that divides south and north Senegal.Ferries are the main way of transportation among north and south Senegal, since vacation by road is actually slowed by border checks passing through Gambia.The prime minister as well as other officials went to Dakar's vent to be with families of passengers and crew expecting news. The first corpses recovered from the accident appeared to be taken back to the interface Friday afternoon.The sinking came amongst strong gales that grabbed Dakar overnight.Media studies said the ferryboat had undergone maintenance, and had only recently returned to services after months within dock. 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The truth is, bird strikes have cost millions of dollars. So what's fun as well as games for jet is serious enterprise to the airline market.Airports have tried scaring birds along with harmless blasts coming from cannons and blank shells from rifles. Some birds are too intelligent for all that. Nevertheless they sit up and prize Jet. "They don't know that if he gets to these he's not gonna eat them," claims Jet's trainer, Nick Lewis. "They re not likely to risk that. So theysee him coming also to them it s any wolf."Carter has lots of dogs just like Plane at his Border Collie Rescue center inside Melrose Florida. Says Lewis: "They're driven, they're centered, they're obsessive-compulsive, they're neurotic. All of them are kinds of just ridiculous things"They may not be great dogs and cats, but they are great workers.Dogs end up the following when they re as well tough to handle. Every one of them need new homes. And if Jet will be as successful as they wish, it could be good news with regard to dogs like Take flight and Flight as well as Fleet and Mayday, who are all up with regard to jobs at airports.Says Carter: "It's an additional place we can position these dogs it's one of the best homes for the reason that hardest thing can be finding a job for them."Jet is the kind of member of staff that pleases even toughest airport professional. He looks very good, works hard -- and he's low-maintenance. [url=http://www.goodbootssalestore.co.uk/uggs-on-sale-for-women-cheap-p-917.html]uggs on sale for women cheap[/url] Three young people convicted of manslaughter for removing an end sign that generated three deaths could easily get a second chance. Abc News Legal Correspondent Kristin Jeannette-Meyers reports that fresh evidence has come about that could clear them of the crime. A few teens died at a Florida intersection whenever they drove their vehicle into a tractor trailer. As well as three other young people all face extended prison sentences, because they allegedly took down a stop sign that could have prevented your accident. At the tryout last year, the three offenders denied taking the signal down. They admitted stealing 19 street signs in the several weeks before the accident however denied trying to get that particular one. Currently a parade of recent witnesses swear the sign was lower days before the accident. One road member of staff testified he considers workers may have knocked the sign above. He tried to tell this to the justice team, but had been rebuffed. "She really didn't want to take my message," said Jeffrey Brewster, from the site supervisor. "It has been like she already knew what was taking place. What I had to say didn't mean anything."A key prosecution watch lied when he informed the jury these had been stealing indications the night before the crash. A buddy of the trio states prosecutor Leeland Baldwin threatened him with prosecution in case he didn't testify her way. "She explained, 'Larry, you told me they told you the sign was knocked straight down before the accident'," said Larry Jarrard. "'You tell me exactly the same thing or I'm going to burn your ass'." Prosecutors state there is really only one particular issue, and it is not when the sign has been taken down. It's whom took it straight down. And they say there is no new evidence to improve that.The listening to concludes Wednesday. Then the judge must decide to either grant a new demo or to let the prosecutions stand. [url=http://www.goodbootssalestore.co.uk/girls-ugg-boots-sale-p-801.html]girls ugg boots sale[/url] Courtney, a father of 5, will reportedly beg not guilty. He is being held without help while the court checks how much, if any, of his $10 thousand in assets might be been illegally obtained.(C)MMII CBS Throughout the world Inc. 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