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Looking Up Form Underwater
year: 2008
genre: trip-hop
tracks: 16

FEEDBACKS for "Celeste Lear" artist:
Adrien said:
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Ardie said:
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Jitubhai said:
, I just listened to. He was the giuens, who was I? When it came to launching my career, he told me I was a lousy singer and if I wanted to sell records, I'd have to find something other than the music to attract people to buy them. So we built the Amanda Lear persona into something very intriguing and very ambiguous and it worked."However, Britain's first publicly confessed transsexual April Ashley has since gone on record in her autobiography April Ashley's Odyssey to say that she worked with Amanda in legendary Parisian drag show Carrousel Club in the late 1950's. According to Ashley, Lear was then a man in his early twenties, called Alain Tapp, performing in drag shows using the stage name Peki d'Oslo and a regular member of the Carrousel ensemble as they toured Germany, Scandinavia, Italy and South America. This early alter ego could in fact be a reference to her Eurasian origin; Oslo/Peking.These claims were later confirmed by famous German transsexual singer, actress and nightclub owner Romy Haag in her 1999 autobiography Eine Frau Und Mehr (translated as A Woman And Then Some). Just like Ashley, Haag describes that she first met Lear under the name Peki d'Oslo at the Carrousel and that the two also worked together at Romy's famous nightclub Chez Romy Haag in Berlin, in the early seventies.In March 2007, renowned British music manager Simon Napier-Bell (Dusty Springfield, The Yardbirds, Marc Bolan, Japan, Wham!) was the next eyewitness to come forward, saying that "...my publishers sent me off to Paris to make a record with Amanda Lear, someone I'd known years before as a young Asian-looking guy called Peki who hung out in the Gigolo, a gay bar in London in the 60' s. Now that Peki had become Amanda, I wasn't interested anymore, but other people were - Amanda's new companion was Salvador Dali."April Ashley claimed that Alain Tapp, also known as Peki D'Oslo, had already changed her stage name to Amanda when she persuaded an elderly Scottish gentleman to marry her for 50 pounds in order for her to obtain British citizenship, the gentleman in question just happened to be called Mr. Lear.[citation needed] Ashley also insists that Lear and Dalec met long before 1965, probably in 1958 or 1959 while Lear was still working at the Carrousel as a female impersonator. Some sources go even further, saying that Lear was Dalec's greatest - or possibly the most bizarre - artistic creation of his whole career, suggesting that he was the one who paid for a sex reassignment that was to have taken place in Casablanca, Morocco in 1963. (see Georges Burou)However it should be added that Dali, David Bowie and April Ashley have stated that Amanda is transsexual and rumors of her transsexuality predates her meeting with Dali. She appears to have attempted to go into stealth mode after moving to London and finding her career hampered by her past. http://krabthsrtgp.com [url=http://vkwhophlm.com]vkwhophlm[/url] [link=http://zpgzwty.com]zpgzwty[/link]
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